24/7 ball sports is a newer facility specializing in baseball and softball in Mankato, MN.   Our 24/7 concept allowed for these activities when many traditional spaces had families locked out. The community gymnasiums, domes, and traditional crowded youth sports facilities weren't open and accessible during Covid so we founded 24/7 Ball Sports.

Our facility provides a turnkey space with 24/7 access to train or just to blow off steam in a batting cage, pitching lane, or turf area. Since our founding the facility has officially became a not-for-profit supported via community supporters and club memberships. Automated entry and 24/7 access allows people to work on their own schedule. Got a busy schedule? 24/7 Ball Sports is perfect for the busy family. Become a member and efficiently reserve your practice time.

We are continuing to grow with teams, instructors, and have invested in the latest state-of-the-art technology & training tools.

Become a supporter and purchase a membership today.

INDOOR Cages & Pitching lanes imageINDOOR Cages & Pitching lanes image